Under Water Photography 101

This page contains links to tutorials on underwater photography.  Just click on the link to read the article.

Tutorial #1: “Get Down and Boogie”

Tutorial #2: “Face the Music!”

Tutorial #3:  “Peak of the Action”

Tutorial #4:  Composition “All About that Base”

Tutorial #5:  White Balance

Tutorial #6: “Clean it Up!”  Dealing with Backscatter

Tutorial #7:  “Focus, Focus, Focus!”  Part 1

Tutorial #8:  “Focus, Focus, Focus!”  Part 2

Tutorial #9:  “Azure Blue” Tips for achieving a beautiful blue background

Tutorial #10: “Dehaze Your Underwater Photographs”

Tutorial #11: “Cut your Fringe:” Dealing with Chromatic Abberation

Tutorial #12:  Lightroom’s Local Tools, Part 1

Tutorial #13:  The Beginning Beginner

Tutorial #14:  Let There Be Light!

 If you have suggestions for underwater photography tips, or questions, please feel free to leave comments below.

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All images are copyrighted by Brook Peterson and may only be used with written permission.  Please do not copy or print them.  To discuss terms for using these images, please contact me

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