A Fish is a Fish is a Fish

I have been amused, while looking through images over the past year, at how many fish are called after another animal, or shape, or being!  Some are called by these names because they resemble the thing they are named for, others because they have characteristics similar to those things. See if you can tell why each fish is named after something else:



Scorpion Fish


Box Fish


Pipe Fish  (Which are so diverse, I had to narrow it down to just these four)

20150114-_DSC2376 20150116-_DSC3147 20150118-_DSC3621 20150123-_DSC5327-Edit

Sea Horse  (Which is also a Pipefish)


Frog Fish  (Another very diverse species)

A tiny frogfish  hunts for a meal


Clown Fish


Snake Eel




Angel Fish



So, there you have it.  I could keep going, but don’t wish to become a bore. There are sea lions, butterfly fish, catfish, dog fish, and hog fish, and probably many, many more. Most of these animals are named for the thing they resemble, but the scorpion fish, for example, is named because it’s sting resembles that of a scorpion, and the pipefish because of it’s pipe-shaped mouth.

I wonder why land animals aren’t named after fish?

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