A Bit of Philosophy, Mingled With Picture

The past few days I have been deeply impressed by some beautiful people who are living their final days with cancer. Last night, one of my dear friends succumbed to this disease, and yet instead of feeling overwhelmed by grief, I am lifted up by her lovely spirit and encouraged by her life FULLY lived. Although she suffered for many years, this particular friend sought and found peace in the love of her family. She served them and strengthened them even while her strength failed her.

I have also been following a virtual friend who goes by PTS. (You can view her blog HERE.)  She has a website dedicated to her dives complete with pictures and the most descriptive and deeply thought out narratives I have ever read. She is also a terminal cancer patient. What makes these women so special is that they have been able to look at the time they have left on this earth, and focused on the thing that fulfills them the most. Then they took action to make that thing happen.

Life's Symbol

It has given me some food for thought. Although I have not ever suffered a debilitating disease, I can’t help but wonder how I would respond to my life if I knew what my expiration date was. I would like to believe that I would live the time I had left to the fullest, without grief for the days that would be lost. I would like to believe that I would still spend time discovering God’s creations both above and below the water line. But regardless of whether or not I “know” when my time is coming, I hope to honor the beautiful people I know who have passed too soon by living. Truly living. For me, that means exploring my world. It means exploring the talents I have, the limitlessness of my intellect, the vastness of my potential, and all my capabilities; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. For truly, I believe that my purpose for living at all is to discover who I am.

Thank you to my dearly departed and also to my cherished living for your daily reminders of the precious life we have. You have inspired me.