As a passionate underwater photographer, I have found that I have this insatiable desire to share the beautiful life I am able to see happening in the sea.  My photographs are a way for me to document the things I have seen in the most artistic way possible.  The more I visit the ocean, the more I love this valuable resource and the more my desire to preserve it grows.  I hope to convey my feelings of respect and awe to others who may not have the opportunity to scuba dive, and share those feelings with those that do.

I also love photography and have spent many hours learning my skill.  For any budding photographers out there, I hope to share some tips for better under water images through my “Underwater Photography 101″ page.  Please feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions for future tips.


  • My name is Brook Peterson.

  • I am a professional Scuba Diving Instructor for PADI.  I teach Open Water, Digital UW Photography, and many other specialties.

  • I also teach private and group underwater photography classes.  Please contact me if you are interested.

  • I use a Nikon D7000, and a Nikon D810 camera and Sea & Sea Housing with two YS-D1 Strobes to create my images.

  • I have no fear when I am under water, only curiosity and fascination.

  • I love to travel. The first trip major trip I took was a six week tour of the South Pacific with a group of friends the year I turned 18. We visited New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, California, and Tahiti.

  • Now I travel all over the world to get photographs of the fascinating creatures in the ocean, but find the majority of my time is spent in the waters of the Southern California coast.

  • I have been diving in the Caribbean, South Pacific, Indo Pacific and Southeast Asia. The Philippines is one of my favorite destinations.

  • I enjoy the digital world of photography and the potential it gives me to create ART.

  • I am eager to share my enthusiasm for creatures I find under water. Every dive I take is a precious peek into another world! Sometimes the life I see doesn’t look like life at all, and I am always amazed to find a pair of eyes looking at me, or see a rock move, only to discover it is an octopus.

  • I hope you will enjoy accompanying me on my journey of discovery. Feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions.

  • My work is very dear to me and as such, all images contained in this blog were taken by me and are copyrighted. Please do not copy or share them without my written permission.

4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. You have a wonderful corner to visit-your blog that is-with an interesting prospective on life that I have never visited.

    Sometimes I wonder how deep can humans go?? We have so much to reveal about our own oceans.


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