Everything that Creepeth on the Earth

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

This challenge is a fun one for me because I love finding the creepiest things in the ocean to share with my landlocked friends.  This image is of a critter called a “skeleton shrimp.”  It is an isopod that is only about half an inch tall.  This one is a mother, and she is carrying all her creepy children on her back, arms, legs, and head.


This one is also a skeleton shrimp, only he is baby-less.


If that’s not creepy enough for you, the image below is of a fish called a Stargazer, that buries itself in the sand until its prey comes by, then it strikes and swallows the unfortunate critter whole.



Oh, and did you know that the ocean has spiders too?

Sea Spider

Sea Spider

The “Hairy Squat Lobster” is a creep as well .


And finally, the snake eel, which buries it’s entire body in the sand and only peeks out a few inches to watch for a passing meal.


To learn more about the Weekly Photo Challenge, click HERE.

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My photographs are taken with a Nikon  D7000 or D810 in Sea and Sea Housing using two YS-D1 Strobes.
All images are copyrighted by Brook Peterson and may only be used with written permission.  Please do not copy or print them.  To discuss terms for using these images, please contact me

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