One of the great things about diving in Puerto Galera is the variety of wrecks to explore.  There are several sunken ships just in the harbor that are full of amazing sea life and have great structure.  Two of these are the St. Christopher, also known as Anton’s wreck, and the Alma Jane, a Chinese MV cargo ship which was sunk purposely in 2003.


A small boat can be found in 70fsw at Monkey Beach, and several other large wrecks dot the coast.


Above, a diver explores the hull of a cargo ship.  Below, a diver hovers above the wreck.


There is plenty of structure for batfish to hide around.



There is a deep wreck called “Dry Dock” that was interesting because of it’s structure and because of the large sweetlips that made it home.  These sweetlips are in a cleaning station where they are being cleaned by cleaner wrasse.


Sometime in the 1620’s, a spanish galleon known as Nuestro Cenora De La Vida, sank on the shores of Verde Island.  The wreck has long since washed away, but the evidence of it’s demise can be found all along the shore of the island in the form of broken pieces of chinese pottery.  The dishes from the ship are still being washed ashore, and tourists can find pieces on their own, or purchase larger pieces from the local residents.  It is interesting to note that no one perished in the sinking of this ship, but the captain was hanged for his responsibility.


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