Lion Around

This week I fell in love with sea lions.  These magnificent, playful, dog-like creatures are truly one of the wonders of the sea.  Curious as soon as they hear a diver’s splash into the water, they come over to investigate our weird fins, and huge camera equipment.  Since all of us have dome ports, the sea lions are extra curious. They can look at their reflections, and continually come down to gaze at themselves in front of the camera lens.  At times, I wonder if they are posing for me, or just checking out their poses of themselves.

Sea lion gazes at his reflection in the camera housing's dome port.

Sea lion gazes at his reflection in the camera housing’s dome port.

It takes a little while for them to get comfortable with us, but when they do, they start to dance and play in the water around us.

_DSC0663 _DSC0592-Edit _DSC0575-Edit

Before long, they begin to interact with the divers.

_DSC0770-Edit _DSC0695-Edit

One of the things that I can’t help laughing about is their attempts to mimic the bubbles we blow through our regulators.




This young lion was fascinated with either me or it’s reflection, and tried out several different poses in front of the lens.


It was one of the funnest dives I have had in a long time.  Kind of like spending the day with your dog in the park.  In the end, I think all of us were satisfied.

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