Hare Today, Goon Tomorrow!

Little Bunny Foo Foo went hopping through the forest,

picking up the field mice and bopping them on the head!

Down came the good fairy, and she said,

“Little Bunny Foo Foo,

I don’t want to see you,

picking up the field mice and bopping them on the head!

I’ll give you three chances, and if you don’t behave, I’ll turn you into a goon!”

If Little Bunny Foo Foo was a cute and furry (albeit obnoxious)  little rabbit, then meet his evil goony twin, the California brown sea hare!  The first time I saw one of these brown slimy lumps of flesh in the ocean, I thought I had discovered a new creature.

Two Sea Hares coiled in a ball

Two Sea Hares coiled in a ball

Sea Hares are rather large; about the size of a big rabbit, and are so named because of the two tentacles on their head that resemble rabbit ears.  Until a few weeks ago, I thought they were an interesting novelty in the ocean, but not particularly photogenic.  Their eggs look like a big pile of spaghetti and they often hang around their eggs long after they have been laid.  A few weeks ago, I found a dive site that had many, many Sea Hares.  They were a bit smaller (maybe more like the size of a rat), but finding nothing else more interesting to photograph I began looking for ways to make the ordinary look a little more extraordinary.

Small Sea Hare

Small Sea Hare

Suddenly, the mottled patterns on the skin became beautiful, and the waving tentacles fascinating to me.

Sea Hare Head

Sea Hare Head

When I got the images up on the computer screen I discovered a tiny “eye” on the front of the head.  They have eyes?!  They really are goofy looking creatures, or should I say goony?

So, Little Bunny Foo Foo, it appears that you really were turned into a goon!

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