One Little Speckled Frog

One Little Speckled Frog (fish)

Sat on a speckled log

dangling the most delicious bugs,

Yum! Yum!

Frogfish are one of the more fascinating fish to observe.  They are equipped with a lure just above their mouth that they dangle like a delicious bug to attract other, smaller fish.  They have fins that resemble frog feet that they actually use to “walk”, or “hop” around on!  Their speckled camouflage closely resembles the speckled sponges that they hide among, and their shape also resembles the lumpy sponge.  They can be a variety of colors, including black, yellow, red, green, white–there are even hairy frogfish!

Frogfish "fishing" with it's lure out.

Frogfish “fishing” with it’s lure out.

This was one of the first frogfish I had ever seen.  At the time I was photographing it, I wasn’t aware that it was in the middle of a hunt that would end successfully.  After a few minutes observation I noticed a tiny fish swimming just to the right of the frogfish.

frogfish preying on a small fish attracted to its lure

frogfish preying on a small fish attracted to its lure

My subject noticed it too and turned toward it.  I started to adjust my camera to a new angle, when BAM!  Just like that, the little guy was gone.

The following photograph of a satisfied frogfish was taken 3 seconds after the above photo.

3 seconds after eating it's prey, this frogfish is satisfied!

3 seconds after eating it’s prey, this frogfish is satisfied!

Looking straight down on frogfish, you can see how it uses it’s “feet” to anchor itself in the rocks.

Clown Frogfish

Clown Frogfish

Here, a black frogfish waves it’s lure above it’s mouth.

Frogfish Lure
Frogfish Lure

This white frogfish has freckles that look just like the pores on the sponge it inhabits.  Amazing Camouflage!

White Freckled frogfish

White Freckled frogfish

The following video was shot by Brian Peterson, of a frogfish hunting and catching it’s prey:

Frogfish Hunting

… in Slow Motion






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