Welcome to Aquaholics Anonymous!

Hello. My name is Brook, and I am an aquaholic. I crave salty water and don’t care whether it is warm or cold. Being in and around the sea lowers my inhibitions and allows me to express myself openly through digital film.  While I enjoy photographing the miniscule creatures under the sea, I occasionally shoot wide angle scenes as well.   What is your favorite type of underwater photograph?  Do you prefer reef scenes or unusual creatures?  If you are a diver, where is your favorite place to dive and why?  Please feel free to post your comments in the “comments” section below.

Anthias on a coral reef

Anthias on a coral reef

Crinoids and Anthias

Crinoids and Anthias

Duck Billed Shrimp

Long Nose Rock Shrimp

Pygmy Seahorse

Pygmy Seahorse

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