Are you a Nudiphile?

One day I was sitting at the computer, browsing through photograph after photograph of nudibranchs online.  “Ooooh, I love that one’s rhinophores!”  “Look at the plumes on that one!”  Then it hit me.  I sat there in stunned silence as I realized. . . I am a nudiphile.

Hermi small

Spanish Shawl small

Could it be true?  I hesitated.  Last week I took my camera on a dive with the express purpose of finding and photographing nudibranchs.  Was I over excited when I found one covered with eggs?  Just how often do I get the urge to hunt them down with my camera?  I thought back to the summer when I took a boat over to Catalina every single week so I could look for nudibranchs that would pose for my camera.  Well, that’s not so bad, I thought.  I can stop anytime.  Can’t I?


Tylodina fungina small

But then on a shore dive in Laguna I found a treasure trove of Hopkins Rose Nudibranchs.  I spent an hour gazing at the beautiful pink cerata waving in the current like long grass blowing in the wind.  For days afterward my heartbeat quickened at the prospect of getting back in the water with them.

_DSC2318-2 small


My obsession only grew when I got my first photographs of the beautiful flatworms and colorful nudibranchs in the South Pacific.


flatworm small


I guess I am totally hooked.  So what?  I am a nudiphile.

nudibranch small


Noble Dorid small

Are you a Nudiphile too?

Hermissendra Crassicornis

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